Kiss Kiss Maddie's Lips, Staffelter Hof

Product Info

Region: Mosel, Germany 

Vintage: 2020

Grapes: Fruhburgunder (Pinot Madeleine) & Pinot Noir 

Wine type: Sparkling

Alcohol: 12%

About: Made by Jan Klein, the latest generation at the helm on this historical estate which has been in the family since 1805, but operating as a winery since 862...! Jan started to produce a special range of wines with no added sulphites in 2014, a range that has now expanded to nearly ten singular wines.

Dark pet-nat rosé, very juicy red fruits, hints of spice, herbs, and pure joy. Fun yet serious at the same time. Fans of Nirvana's early work should recognise the inspiration for the name.